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Stephen Peter Rodgers - New album "Speck On A Clover" national release date 6/22/22

Songwriter and Artist

Stephen Peter Rodgers spent his youth as the front man and leader of the band Mighty Purple as they toured the United States and Europe starting in the 1990s. Yet Stephen’s passion for performing long predates this iconic label-defying band that launched to notoriety and acclaim when its members were still technically too young to even be admitted in the bars they played. 

In fact, Stephen’s musical path began when he started singing in church at the age of 6 under the tutelage of his Pastor father and Sunday School teacher mom. His love of meaningful lyrics was formed as the then-rebellious 12-year-old who was sent away to boarding school wrote songs in his head during the day and taped them into his cassette recorder at night. (Yes, he still has the cassette with his first four songs on it.) 

After decades spent making music, Stephen returned to his other passion from his youth: creating music-based events that drew local communities together. He foundedThe Space & Space Ballroom community music venues where talented local artists, national acts and community kids all found common ground around the music they loved. 

Now, Stephen’s eclectic career in the music industry has come full circle as he brings his indie rock,indie folk sound and soul back to the folks who love him 

Stephen has written over 40 new songs since the beginning of the pandemic. The new album "Speck On A Clover" will be released 5/13 2022

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